Are You Limiting Yourself When Choosing Your Domain Name?

Choosing the right domain name is very tricky in today’s competitive online world. It is necessary to consider many aspects of your website, when selecting the right domain name. It should be memorable, meaningful to your theme of the website, and better if it has one or more keywords in it. As a result of high competition in the online world, many website owners like to buy a domain name that includes a keyword. It has a good SEO benefit. But we can’t guarantee that it will be the same in the future when we consider how search engines are evolving. But today having a keyword in your domain name is quite beneficial. Because even for some competitive keywords, you can see domain names with a related keyword has a better chance of having higher search rankings.


Let’s imagine you want to start a website related to free WordPress themes. Then you select a domain name like “” since you are diligent about the subject. Assume that you managed to build a successful website in a year or so. But what you would feel about that now? You have the authority in free WordPress themes keyword but it really limits the potential of your website. You may still add content related to Blogger and Joomla themes. But even if you do so, you know that people who are visiting your website don’t look for other themes rather than free WordPress themes. So what has happened here? You have limited your potential by choosing a domain name that limits the future growth of the website. Also it seriously limits your money making potential from that particular website if that’s what you are looking for.

There are occasions that this keyword rich domain names works. For an example if you target a certain product, then using the main keyword in your domain name is a good idea. But if you are looking to build a website that may expand later, then it is wise to select a domain name that addresses a wider audience. So thinking big is always good, isn’t it?

Make Money on Twitter and Sponsored Tweets. And Make a Living?

Internet has been providing lucrative money making opportunities for so many individuals around the world with no better skills than most of us. It’s all about how each of us uses our skills and employs them until we achieve the success. If you are enthusiastic Tweeter and “know how to use Twitter”, you might be interested to know there are good ways to make money on Twitter. Not just pennies but somewhat enough money to make a living too. One realistic and proved way is using the combination of Twitter and Sponsored Tweet. So do you have anything inspirational to show before get started? You may ask! Yes, I have.

Twitter Success Story

Kim Kardashian Make Money with Twitter

There are people millions of people around the world Tweet like crazy every day. How much crazy they are? 1 billion Tweets in every five days! One billion! If numbers don’t make you crazy, money will. How about making $10, 000 for a just one Tweet? Kim Kardashian has over 2 million Twitter followers, and is paid up to $10,000 per Tweet for promoting products. If you have a huge follower base or ready to go for it, making these large numbers is not beyond your reach. If you think this is interesting lets continue.

Introduction to Sponsored Tweet Money Making System

Sponsored Tweet is a website that pays you to Tweet. Things are simple as that. It’s perfectly legal with Twitter and you don’t need to worry about your Twitter account or your followers. What you have to do is to join Sponsored Tweet as a Tweeter with your Twitter account (or you can advertise your products by joining as an advertiser), start tweeting and get paid once they are approved.

Join Sponsored Tweets

Here is the link to join Sponsored Tweet.

But how does this really works? When advertisers need to promote their products they come to Sponsored Tweets and find Tweeters like you and me who have been joined to the website. For an example, if their product is computer software, they might be interested in Tweeters who tweet about computer related stuff. Then they check the payment rate that Twitter user expects for one tweet or cost per click. If the rate is ok and his number of followers and sufficient, the advertiser allow the twitter user to post ad to be posted on his Twitter account. For an example the cost per click rate is $0.50 and 1000 people click on that ad, Twitter user will earn $500 for a single Tweet. How cool is that?

What Do You Need for Making this Successful?

Advertisers need more exposure or traffic to their products. If the traffic is targeted, it’s even better. Therefore basically what you need a Twitter account with large number of followers (don’t worry if you haven’t a large follower yet. There are ways to get them). It’s better if the niche is targeted like computers, affiliate marketing, books, etc. Here is what you really need. Also if you have more people that you frequently communicate via Twitter, you have better chances to earn more.

Here are the minimum requirements for your Twitter account to getting paid with Sponsored Tweet:

  • Twitter account must be at least 60 days old
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Have at least 100 updates

Setting Things Up to Make Money on Twitter

Now you know what this is all about and it’s time to get started. First step is to join Sponsored Tweets. Open this Sponsored Tweet URL in a new page/tab of your browser and follow steps to join.

  • Click “Signup now” to create your Sponsored Tweets account.
  • Then click “Sign in with Twitter
  • Click “Authorize app
  • Now enter your email address and other details
  • Under Tags section type words related to your niche for possible advertisers. Ex. Computers
  • Click to complete signing up process.
  • Then you can go to my account section and complete more details or just go to opportunities and start Tweeting for money
  • Select one of cost per click opportunity that looks good for you and click “more info” to read details of the offer.
  • If the opportunity is good then click “take opp” and type your tweet and click “tweet this”.

Now your part is over. Once advertiser accepted your Tweet, it’ll be automatically tweeted and you’ll get paid. (Based on cost per click or cost per tweet)

When you can make a living out of Sponsored Tweet

If you need something big out of your Twitter account, you need a big Twitter account too. You have to plan for a huge follower base like 50,000 or more. Also you have to make sure that you continue to communicate with your followers frequently. Then you have a better chance of getting more clicks for your Sponsored Tweets. More clicks mean more revenue. If you manage to get about 500 clicks every day for one Tweet, (if cost per click is $0.10) you’ll easily earn $1500 for one month. That’s a good income to make your living with nothing else but only a Twitter account.

Saying things is easier but actually doing it takes some time and effort. You need to emphasize on the quality and quantity of your Twitter follower base with a long term goal. You can easily manage your Twitter account with 15 minutes in each day and gradually create a top notch Twitter account that attracts lots of advertisers and Twitter users. Then you can get the maximum advantage of your long term work.

How to Get a Huge Number of Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers

If you can get large number of Twitter followers, it’s not difficult to make a good income with Sponsored Tweets. However quick methods often require an investment. Here are some of the best programs that help you to get huge number of Twitter followers in a short period of time. The process is automated so you don’t need to add followers by yourself.

TweetAdder (55$ life time service for one profile)

SocialOomph (33$ per month, free trial included)

If you need quick and easy methods to jump start, these tools will be extremely beneficial for you. Get large number of Twitter followers is beneficial in many ways. If you have a website, then the exposure and traffic are immeasurable.

This is the way to setup and get start with Sponsored Tweets and have a vision for making big numbers soon. Therefore if you read this and take action soon, make money on Twitter for living is not beyond your reality.

A Visual Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Learning search engine optimization is becoming very hard in these days. However if you can see what really search engine optimization is, then it’ll be quite easier to understand the basics. This great Infographic from illustrates almost all the main functions of search engine optimization. Keyword research, site structure, web page optimization, link building, and social media involvement are described in a smart way. Read this SEO web guide and enjoy. You will find more similar graphics there.

Infographic from

Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Tracking Your Efforts and Reaching Success as an Affiliate Marketer – Part 4

7. Tracking Your Affiliate Marketing Results

In this last article of the article series about affiliate marketing I have explained about tracking results. If you are an affiliate marketer I can’t stress the important of tracking your results. You have done the hard part if you have followed this guide so far. So why don’t you use tracking methods to remarkably improve your conversions. If you use a website you can use Google Analytics to track your affiliate marketing efforts.

Planning Your Affiliate Efforts

Use these analytics to see from what pages your visitors are coming and leaving your site. Then improve those web pages for retaining your visitors. If many of your visitors leave your webpage once they visited the product ordering page, you have to think seriously about this. Because, you can’t make sales unless you have a better webpage to convert traffic to sales. So frequently analyze the behavior of the visitors of your websites and affiliate products. This is very easy as many affiliate companies offer good tracking reports.

8. Reaching the Success with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is really a giant industry on Internet. Almost all the successful internet marketers use affiliate marketing as their main source of income. But everything is very difficult when you are just starting. Affiliate marketing is not much different from offline marketing when we consider marketing principles. Simply you have to understand your users, your customers, and your products. Then link them using most effective ways. Imagine that you are a customer who is looking for a particular product. Think how you are going to search for a product and then buy it. Then reflect it into your affiliate marketing efforts.

You need to have the courage to face difficulties and early failures when you are a beginner to affiliate marketing. Even if you are an expert marketer in a different field, still these initial phases might be difficult for you. But plan clearly and act with the confidence. There will be nothing is standing between you and your success.

Best Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Program – Part 3

6. Selecting a Promotion Method

Now you have to decide about how you are going to promote your affiliate product. To make money, you need to refer customers to the affiliate website. To do this you need to select a way to promote them. There are number of ways to promote a product. Some are totally free and others might be very costly. First you had better to think about free promotional methods. After getting some experience, you can start as a professional affiliate marketer who invests more and earn more.

You can use forums, your blog/website, social networking sites, email marketing, article writing, etc to promote your product (affiliate links, banners). It is up to you decide the ways you like. All of these are powerful ways to drive traffic to your affiliate website.

Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

If you have a blog or website with high traffic, you can put affiliate links in your website. If you frequently use forums, you can use your forum signature to promote products. If you can write articles, then you may use affiliate links in your articles. Social networking sites are another great way to drive traffic. If you have an experience about email marketing it is also a better way to do this.

6. How to Promote Affiliate Products?

Your effort on promoting your product is directly proportional to your earnings. So you have to make an effort to do this in the right manner. Once you completed these hard initial steps you can ease yourself later. You can select one or several methods to promote the product. Here I have explained the ways you can use to promote your product.

6.1 – Blog/Website

If you have a good website it is one of the best ways to promote your items. If you already haven’t, you had better to create a blog or website. It is totally free to start a blog at or Blogger is very easy to use than WordPress. But it is advisable to create a professional looking attractive website with your own domain name. You can buy a domain name from and host it at You had better to create a website related to your affiliate product. Then you can add content to your site and also your affiliate links and banners. You may write articles about the usefulness of that product, user reviews etc. You should be able to get the trust of the customer. Then only they might think about buying products from you.

Promoting Affiliate Products

6.2 – Article Writing

Article writing is one of the best and most efficient ways to promote affiliate products. People love to get information. They even love to get valuable information. If you can give what they want, you have the potential to earning more money as an affiliate marketer. Write useful and compelling articles related to your affiliate products. These must address issues related to your products. Weight loss is a huge niche in affiliate marketing. You can write an article like “best ways to lose weight for teenagers”. Here you can give some useful tips. In the end of the article include your details (in the resource box) with a link to your product website or affiliate product. Many article directories don’t allow affiliate links. You can create a free blog site or website and then simply redirect the website’s URL to the affiliate products. This is what many people do when they haven’t their own website. Write good articles and submit them to free article directories with a higher traffic and exposure.,,, etc. are some of the best for this purpose. I hope to give a good list of free article directories soon.

6.3 – Social Networking

Social networking is another great and easy way to promote your affiliate products. But the problem with social traffic is that their conversion rate is very low. In other words people in these networks are rarely buy products from advertisers. Also they rarely click on ads. But if you can manage to get lot of traffic and develop a good relationship with them, then you can increase your affiliate sales.,,, etc. are among the leading social networks on Internet. Also these three websites have the most number of users on internet than any other social networking website. Social networking promotion methods are different from one website to another. Simply what you can do here is to give some useful information related to your products and include links to your products without spamming them. Never overuse promotion and you will be banned from those websites.

6.4 – Video Sharing websites

Video sharing websites like are becoming great resources for those who are looking for quick and easy ways to generate traffic to their websites and affiliate products. Upload great looking videos and include links to your products pages. You can use domain redirections as in the case of affiliate marketing to direct your visitors to affiliate products.

6.5 – Forum Marketing

Using forums is also one of the best ways to promote your products and make money in a quick time. When you select forums for promoting affiliate products make sure that they have the following features for a better success.

  • Related to your niche
  • Support signature links (better if they allow affiliate links)
  • Have a higher traffic
  • Reputed among the people (Some forums like are getting bad reviews. You had better not to use such forums)

Write informational posts that attracts the readers of the forum. Include your signature link at the bottom of the post. Write an attractive signature links that attracts clicks. Offering a free product is one successful strategy to get clicks and attract visitors to your site. Send them to an auto responder box and offer the free product once they subscribed to your email list. Later you can send your affiliate product links with useful information for them.

6.6 – Free classified Advertising

Free classified advertising is another effective way to promote affiliate products. Write some ads that attracts reader attention and post them in the correct location. See what are the ads that work and doesn’t. Then improve them for better conversions. Use this list of free classified websites to promote your products.

6.7 – Paid Advertising

If you want to make a presence in affiliate marketing you need to master paid advertising methods like Google Adwords. This is costly but once mastered; you can automate your income and no need of time consuming free promotional methods. Google Adwords is the major paid advertising method that most of the super affiliate marketers use. You pay Google to place ads (The reverse process of Google Adsense) on search results and when a person clicked on your ad, you have to pay for each click. This is why these are called pay per click advertising. Other large companies also have similar advertising programs like Facebook advertising, yahoo advertising, etc. The good news is Google and most of other companies offer you free credit (Google give you $100 free Adwords credit to start your campaigns) to start advertising on their websites. Then you can test these programs and your ads without risking your money. Get the maximum benefit of this free ad credit and learn the basics. Then you are ready to start big.

In the next article I hope to discuss about tracking and your next steps as an affiliate marketer. Make sure to read this fourth part of the series also. Tracking your results is one important step you mustn’t forget.

How to Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketer – Part 2

3. How to Start as an Affiliate Marketer?

Selecting the right affiliate program is the most important thing in affiliate marketing to become a successful affiliate. So pay your attention. This is the second part of this article series. Make sure to read part one of this affiliate marketing beginner’s guide.

First and one of the crucial steps is using a keyword research tool to find best keywords before joining an affiliate program. You can use a keyword tool like Google AdWords Keyword tool or SEOBook keyword tool. Both of these are free to use. If you are unaware of keyword researching just read this guide about performing a keyword research

Best Affiliate Programs

4. Selecting Profitable Affiliate Programs and Products

Then you have to find several products related to those keywords. (But this is optional if you have the courage to work hard) If you haven’t a desire about what you are selling, you might give-up it soon. So it is better to select something you like such as eBooks, phones, laptops etc. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you might have no idea about this. You can go to following websites and search about best selling products. and Commission Junction are two of the most popular affiliate websites. There are thousands of affiliate marketers with millions of different products to choose from. But, it is very important to select a product with following requirements. Otherwise it may be a waste of your invaluable time promoting useless products for almost nothing.

  1. Check whether the affiliate marketer can be trusted? You may search in Google (“— scam”, “is — paying” etc). Forums are best places to uncover the reality of affiliates. Check whether they already have paid to their partners using an affiliate marketing forum like Digitalpoint forum? Do they have a good reputation as a company?
  2. Sufficient commissions per sale – If you get about $1-$5 per sale it is not worth trying unless you can make lots of sales. So always look for products with at least $10 or more per sale.
  3. Good products – You need good and reputed products. It is better if you can try before sell it to others. If it has already have a bad reputation, then avoid them even they pay high commissions.
  4. Select best selling products (But there are some points to think too!) – If your product is not selling it is worthless. So check at and
  5. Minimum payment and payment methods – Always good to have a low minimum payment and a payment method like PayPal or checks.
  6. Residual income – If you can have a product like webhosting packages, you have the opportunity of having a long term income from each sale.

Hostgator is Another Best Affiliate Program

If you are still curious about selecting a product, then select one the following one. They have a good reputation and worth to try. Go to one of these sites and join them as an affiliate.

  • – One of largest webhosting company with % sale. You may earn $xx per sale for xx month host.
  • – Forex marketing company with up to $200 per sale. Provide very good support for affiliate marketers.
  • – Book selling company. They pay for every product bought by the customer unlike Amazon.

5. Getting Necessary Information about Your Affiliate Program

Once you have selected a certain product then it is necessary to get more details about the product and that affiliate company. This is also very important because each and every company have their own regulations. You have to understand them well. If you have violated their rules they may forfeit all your hard earned money and will ban your account.

First step is signing up at the selected affiliate website. Then read about their frequently asked questions (FAQs), terms of service (TOS), guidelines, etc. Then get the promotional items like links (your affiliate link), banners, and other promotional items.

Now you have done the most important parts. But the hardest and sweetest part is yet to come. Read the third part of this affiliate marketing guide to know how to promote your products.

A Rare Guide to Affiliate Marketing in 2877 Words – Part 1

1. A Brief Introduction to the Potential of Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Before answering that have you ever understood how some people make so much money without selling anything or even not having a proper website? Yes! That’s the power of affiliate marketing. Today affiliate marketing is the most dominant way to earn really big money. It is already 4 billion dollar industry in UK. None of other ways have the potential of making so much money with a minimum effort and the experience. That is why affiliate marketing programs are so exciting for beginners to learn the art of money making from internet and establish themselves a good foundation in terms of money.

What is Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of affiliate marketing is the fact that you don’t need even a penny to start making money. But, if you can invest some money, definitely your return will be multiplied several times.

Ok, just relax and take a deep breath. I promise you that I will give you the most important facts you need to know to be a successful affiliate. Even if you are already an affiliate marketer, this guide will be helpful to you also. Do you have the desire to see heavy checks coming to your bank account? Are you willing to make an effort to make it a reality? Then it is just a matter of time making it a reality. This will be a little bit longer, but I assure you this is worth reading and one day you may praise yourself about reading this.

2. What is Affiliate Marketing?

First let’s understand what is affiliate marketing? Imagine when you surfing a website (Say this is website A) you see an attractive ad about a mobile phone. Then you click on that ad and then you will be taken to a web site (Say this is website B) that sells the mobile phone. The mobile phone is very interesting so you decide to buy it. Let’s say that you have paid $100 for the mobile phone. Do you think that the ‘website B’ get the whole advantage of this deal. No! If the commission was 25% ‘website B’ earns only $75 for the deal and they will pay $25 to ‘website A’. The reason is the customer was sent to ‘website B’ (seller) by ‘website A’ which is the affiliate marketer. Therefore seller pays a commission to affiliate marketer as an appreciation to sending potential customers to his website. Then affiliate marketer earns commissions by doing almost nothing but sending customers to the seller’s website.

If you are a blogger who is making money with Google Adsense or similar PPC advertising methods, it may need to have several hundred visitors to earn $25 from Adsense. If you are an affiliate marketer you earn $25 from just one successful sale in the above example.

That is why affiliate marketing is excellent to start making big bucks. If you can send 2 such customers a day who buy phones, you will earn easily $1500 in the end of the month.
Now let’s go the second part of affiliate marketing article series where I’m going to explain how to get started as an affiliate marketer. Probably this is the most important part of this series. To reach the success you definitely need to make sure that you select right products and right affiliate websites.

Lesson4: 3 Best Ways for Teens to Make Money Online Fast

If you are looking for some nice ways to make money online here are some the ways for teens to make money. These are not only for teenagers but for anyone who is looking for some quick cash to their pocket.

Online Surveys and Completing Offers

Online surveys are simple and easy way for teens and kids to make money online or various rewards. You might be able to earn up to about $ 10-20 dollars for each survey you successfully complete. If you are lucky you might be able to win monthly lottery draws that gives you around $100-$1000 depending on the type of company. Online surveys are a nice and funny way to earn some easy money. You have to do is to answer some of several questions about various products. Large companies use online surveys to get the reviews of people about their products, before actually launching them or further promoting them. Another problem with online surveys is that this is a large industry and many scammers are there to cheat you. One of the biggest issues is to select the trusted companies that really worth your time. Make sure to read about each website you are expecting to join by using a search engine. If you are going to then search Google for a search term like this.

  1. reviews
  2. Is is scam
  3. Cashcrate scam

Then you can assure that the website is good enough to join and take some surveys.

Make Money Uploading Files and Videos

This might be something that you are already doing and this is one of the best ways for teens to make money. There are websites that pay you when someone downloads a file uploaded by you. Earning scale is not large. Normally you will earn about $1-10 for each 1000 downloads of your files. But let’s imagine that you do it in mass scale. If you have 1000 files that each are downloaded 100 times a month. Then all your files are downloaded 100,000 in each month and you have the potential of earning $1000 if they pay $10 for each 1000 downloads. If you use forums and/or have a great website related to downloading this will be a better option for you. Here are some of the best websites for this.

Paid to Click Programs

There is another popular type of websites called paid to click or known as Bux sites. Once joined you have to do is click ads daily they give you. For each click you will get paid a very small amount like $0.005 – 0.01. Here the strategy is to get more referrals. Referrals mean those who click under you as you click ads. For each their click, you will get paid. If you want to earn some good amount you need to buy their memberships. It may cost $20-$90 or higher depending on the website.

For an example you can buy a Golden account from for $90 for a period of one year. Neobux is the most trusted and most popular program in this type. Most of these are scam websites. So find Google to make sure they are a good website before joining them. You can refer before joining such a website. I must say you can’t get rich with these programs. But if you follow a good strategy and buy the membership you can earn a good monthly income with only five minutes of work for each day. For an example you can earn if you buy a Neobux Ultimate membership for $890 and 5000 referrals, you have the potential of earning around $1000 per month.

So this is a good option you may consider. This is one of the best ways for teenagers and kids to make money. Because you don’t need any special skills or knowledge for this.

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